Dragon Gods: Lords of War

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To begin… the players found themselves in a town where time was frozen still. Attcked by red dragons and saved by a herald of Corellon. The angel gave the news that the 2 dragon gods were fighting and gods were choosing sides. the battle is destroying the planes. The angel told them to find 4 artifacts to help save the material plane. They found the 4 artifacts, and as they did they realized that the artifacts were each linked to a single element. the artifacts linked and became one with a character until each character was linked to an element. these artifacts gave each character new elemental powers. they seem to unlock more powers the more they use them. They were helped by miscellaneous npc’s. after finding all 4 artifacts they were told to find a fifth. The group got into a little trouble and found themselves spending a night in jail. An orc was in the cell across from them. In this land, orcs are hunted and killed just for being orcs. this orc was not harmful to anyone and was to be hung at the beggining of a festival. the group got out of jail and hurried to the festival and saved the orcs life. the orc showed a gem that was given to him by his recently murdered daughter. the elements left the characters and attached to the orc. the orc became a nearly indestructible being and attacked them. another herald came and was able to slay the beast. he notified them tht the other herald was said to be killed during a recent battle. he lead them to an aspect of Bahamut, who gave them new abilities to help defeat the dragons Taimat sends to kill them. It is still not been revealed why the dragon gods are fighting but it has been revealed that Obad-Hi has taken a side. Obad-Hi is the patron deity for half of the party and has been sending the group messages. The knowledge of what the fifth element is, is still currently unknown.


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